Letter to the Warden

Dear Warden Hill, 

My name is Matt Echan.  I recently submitted a visiting questionnaire seeking visitation with Diana S. Snyder (W44416).  Today I received a letter of disapproval on the grounds that I did not disclose, nor provide a disposition of an arrest that occurred in Idaho on 06/05/07.  This letter is intended as an appeal to disapproval pursuant to CDCR rules.   

I have never been arrested in Idaho, and I have only been to Idaho once in my life (2017).  I am not sure how this came up on my record and I am unsure as to what arrest I am to provide information on in order to be reconsidered.   

I am not sure how relevant this is, but I was pulled over in Arkansas for speeding and unknowingly driving on a suspended license.  The suspension was issued as a result of not filing an SR-22 form after a minor traffic accident.  I did not think to disclose this on my visiting form because I was never charged with a crime, I didn’t go to court, and I simply considered it a minor error on the part of my insurance agent similar to forgetting to re-register your vehicle.  An infraction and not a crime, if you will.  But again, I am not sure this has any relevance as to why an arrest in Idaho popped up on my record, or if it had any bearing on my denial.   

Here’s the thing, I am more concerned about getting to the bottom of this than I am in visiting my mother.  A psychiatrist recently told me it might be good for me to confront my mother with some of the longstanding bitterness I have toward her in order to help her take more responsibility for her actions (something her denial of parole suggests she has been unable to do).  After enough of her nagging phonecalls, I finally decided I would go visit her and give her a dose of how disconnected our lives are and attempt to break off communication.  To this end, it is my hope you can reconsider my request.  However, things being as backward as you might imagine, I’d be more grateful for any answers you might have as to how I was arrested in the state of Idaho without my knowledge.     

Thank you for your consideration. 


Matt Echan

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